How To Ride

With clear route names, simple fare structure and reliable 10 minute headways, the DC Circulator makes it easy and convenient to travel throughout the District.

Follow these tips to navigate our system like a pro:

Before heading out, identify your origination and destination points using one of three easy methods:

When you’re ready to ride, keep these simple steps in mind for stress-free travel:

  1. Each bus stop is marked with a Circulator flag where you should wait for the bus to arrive. All riders must stand at the designated DC Circulator stop when waiting for the bus to arrive. This helps operators identify riders and ensures that you can board and off-board Circulator buses safely. We cannot pick up passengers who are not at a designated stop. We appreciate your understanding.
  2. Buses service each stop in 10 minute intervals during normal service conditions. For real-time arrival predictions, use the Bus Time Tab on the homepage.
  3. Make sure you’re boarding the bus headed in the correct direction. Each bus displays its final destination in bright LED lights above the front windshield.
  4. Have your payment method read as the bus approaches. Visit the fares and payments page for details.
  5. Enjoy a comfortable ride! Notify the driver when your stop is approaching by pressing one of the stop buttons located throughout the bus.
  6. Gather your belongings and disembark safely.