Public Engagement

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Your thoughts and suggestions are important to us. With close to 5 million riders a year, feedback from customers like you allows us to continuously improve our service and offer one of the most comfortable and affordable transit options in the District. Help shape the future of the DC Circulator by engaging with us through the following methods:

  • Share your thoughts via email
  • Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter
  • Attend the next DC Circulator public meeting
  • Complete our annual riders’ survey (enter to win a Limited Edition DC Circulator SmarTrip Card®)
  • Call our customer service line at 202-962-1423


See how customer feedback has influenced the procurement, planning and operations of the DC Circulator so far!

“Its 80 degrees and there is no air conditioning on your buses. It is like an oven in here. It is not fair to the customer and it’s not fair to the bus driver” -Amy

In 2015, we added 18 brand new buses with powerful air conditioning to the fleet. We’re currently in the process of purchasing more vehicles to replace our aging buses and a top-of-the-line AC unit is a major priority!

“I just wanted to let you know that service on the US/NY route today was very frustrating. My sister waited close to a half an hour for a bus on the Union Station to Navy Yard route.” – Maggie

We worked to prevent extended delays on the Union Station to Navy Yard route by eliminating the round-about stop at Columbus Crossing. Skipping this stop helps buses bypass unnecessary congestion and drastically improves on-time performance.

“When will you launch a service that takes you around the National Mall? This is a MUCH-NEEDED addition to the existing routes. It is very difficult for some of our veterans – many of whom are disabled and on limited incomes – to access the memorials from public transportation. Other transit options are considerable hikes from the monuments with schedules that are very difficult to navigate for non-Washingtonians, and cabs can be pricey.” – Terry

The sixth Circulator route launched along the National Mall in June 2015. The route connects riders from Union Station to 27 monuments and memorials on the Mall and many other transportation modes in this city.