Service Notice: Air Conditioning

Service Notice:  Air Conditioning - April 11, 2013

This is to update you on air conditioning on Circulator buses in response to the many inquiries that we have received this week.
If you are riding buses numbered 1101-1129, they can become quite warm on high temperature days.

Here’s why:
1. These buses have 3 doors which makes it harder for the bus air conditioning system to keep the inside cool.

2.  These buses did not originally come with air conditioning, so retrofitting them with an efficient air conditioning system has not been an easy task, but we have not given up!  Note the difference when you ride Circulator buses 1130 through 1149.

We appreciate your feedback and are trying to remedy the situation as quickly as possible. Keep letting us know if your bus is HOT, especially in the morning.  All air conditioning units are supposed to be working when the buses begin service.

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